I cant find/select my country when checking out


Sometimes our checkout system for some reason might be determined that you are in Norway, and won't let you select your country for delivery. This is a technical issue, and while we are working to solve this, please try one of the solutions below to work around the issue.

1. Go to any of our category pages, and change the currency you are viewing our products in the right top corner.
2. Log out of your Customer account, if you are logged in.
3. Try to delete/remove your internet Cookies and caches.
4. Please try to switch the device which you are using.
- if you are on your cellphone, please try Mobile and vice versa.
5. please try to check out with a different internet browser from which you are currently using.
6. Please try to open the internet browser in "Private mode/Incognito mode".

Please contact us through our contact form, if none of the solutions above seems to help