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Availability in physical store?

You can find a products availability in our different stores on the product page. (See picture below).
Press "Find in Store" and select your size. The availability in our physical stores will show in a new window. Note that this only shows availability in Holzweiler retailer stores and not secondary retailers. Stock in store might not always be correct, so give the store a call to ensure availability of the product and size. Here is the contactinfo to our stores

Skjermbilde 2022-04-04 kl. 15.25.30

Contact info: Holzweiler Flagship Store (Prinsensgate, Oslo)

Contact info: Holzweiler Monobrand store (Hegdehaugsveien, Oslo)

Contact info: Holzweiler Multibrand Store (Fornebu senter, Fornebu)

Contact info: Holzweiler Bergen Monobrand (Strandgaten,Bergen)