I cant find/select my country when checking out


You can select what country you are shopping from/to in the bottom menu at www.holzweileroslo.com

Please select the correct country, to make your country of choice available in the checkout.
Skjermbilde 2021-11-01 kl. 16.09.44
If you are still having issues checking out, please try one of the following steps:

1. Log out of your Customer account, if you are logged in.
2. Try to delete/remove your internet Cookies and caches.
3. Please try to switch the device which you are using.
- if you are on your cellphone, please try Mobile and vice versa.
4. please try to check out with a different internet browser from which you are currently using.
5. Please try to open the internet browser in "Private mode/Incognito mode".

Please contact us through our contact form, if none of the solutions above seems to help