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My order was cancelled. Why?

We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.
In cases where we cancel an order, it is due to errors in the stock-count at our warehouse, and we have sold you a product that we do not have available anymore.

In most cases, we will try to reimburse you and find a solution with another available size, product or color.
If your order is cancelled, you will receive an email that confirms the cancellation of your order and the refund will be issued at the same time.
The refund should appear back into your account in 1-7 business days.

We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time without warning, if we see the order as damaging to our operation and business.
Please note, we monitor our customers and orders during the sale closely.
We do not agree with customers who return a sales product to purchase it once again if the product's sales per cent have increased. Increased order activity and multiple orders of the same product for new prices can be cancelled at any time, and we reserve the right to cancel these kind of orders at any time, without notification and ban/deny any customers/Purchases which exploits our return policy only to purchase products for a new and cheaper price.